FS2 Maths Workshop on Monday 2nd October 12.15 pm

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to invite you to our ‘FS2 Maths Workshop’ on Monday 2nd October at 12.15 pm. This will help you to understand the maths subject matter that your child will be learning about in FS2, and will also provide you and your child with some useful activities to enhance their learning experiences.

Kind regards,
Hannah Hepworth
Foundation Stage Coordinator


Parent Consultations on 3rd and 4th October

Update: Please note that the booking system for Parent Consultations will close tomorrow at 3pm.

Please visit http://mobile.vhprimary.com/parents-consultations/ to book, if you have not already done so.

Dear Parents,

The class teachers are very much looking forward to meeting with you at our Parent Teacher Consultations on 3rd and 4th October.

During these consultations, your child’s class teacher will share with you how well your child has settled personally, socially and academically. They will also communicate learning targets, so that you can support your child’s learning at home.

Appointments are scheduled to last for 15 minutes, and we kindly ask that you arrive promptly for your slot. This will ensure that you maximise your time with the teacher and do not run over into the next appointment.

Consultations are scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd October and Wednesday 4th October.
FS1 & FS2 appointments will commence from 2:30pm through to 6.00pm, whilst Years 1-6 will run from 3:00pm through to 6:00pm.

Most of the specialist teachers will also be available on these dates. If you would like to meet with our Spanish teacher Marta Manzarbeitia, she will be available on Tuesday 3rd October.

There will also be an opportunity to visit our STEM Lab, with presentations from Ms Jennie running every 30mins from 3.00pm to 6.00pm on both afternoons. The presentations will provide you with further information on STEM@VHPS. We do hope that you can find the time to visit our STEM Lab and catch one of the presentations!

We sincerely hope that these timings provide you with the flexibility of attending either an early or later appointment.

Appointments for the Parent Teacher Consultations can be made through this link: http://mobile.vhprimary.com/parents-consultations/

We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

Sasha Crabb

Upcoming Medical Assessment (Year 2- Year 6 )

The Dubai Health Authority requires all new students (Year 2- Year 6) to have a medical examination in school. This medical will be conducted by Dr Umber (our school doctor) and includes a basic head to toe assessment, and also height and weight measurements. The assessment will start from Tuesday, 26th  September 2017.

You will be informed if your child requires any special medical attention.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards,

Mary Grace

School Nurse

Email: nurse@vhprimary.com

Important : Internal ECA Allocation( Year 1 – Year 6)

Dear Parents,

Please check your email accounts .Within the email,you will find your child’s internal ECA allocation for the term.

In almost all instances, we have been able to allocate your child to one of their preferences.How ever, please be aware that due to the sheer numbers of children that are participating in ECA’S this term, this will not always be their first choice!.( Some of the more popular groups were the 1st preference of over 100 children!).We truly feel that this new randomised system is fairer for all.

Kind Regards ,
The VHPS Team

P.S :- If it looks as though your child has not been allocated a club on a day that you have requested, it is likely to be because they have been accepted on a sports club on the same day. Mr Simmonds will be in touch regarding this.



Medical : Information about Influenza( Flu)

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you that we are currently having a number of cases of Influenza (flu). In order to assist with the prevention of the bug spreading, please read the below information carefully, and keep an eye on your child for any of the signs and symptoms of infection.

Influenza (flu) is a viral infection. Children may not show any symptoms when they are first infected, but then in the subsequent 1-4 days they may quickly experience:

  • Fever and chills;
  •             Headache and muscle aches;
  •             Feeling tired and weak;
  • Cough (a dry cough may linger for up to 10 days);
  •             Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose;
  •             Sore throat;
  •             A tummy ache, nausea and vomiting (not always, but sometimes).

It’s a bit like a very bad cold, but a cold doesn’t give you aches and pains. These viruses are highly contagious and spread very easily from one person to another. If you or your child have such symptoms, consult your doctor, should stay at home while you’re sick, cover your face when you sneeze or cough, and regularly wash your hands. If you are around someone with influenza, you can help to avoid getting sick by regularly wiping surfaces they touch (use a cleaning cloth with detergent) and washing your hands. Those infected should ensure that they keep on taking enough fluids.

As a preventative measure, it may also help to get a yearly vaccination against influenza.

We hope that you find this information useful.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Umber Shafique

Sports Squads

Dear Parents

Please see below for the trials taking place next week. The coaches will meet the children in the MPH (large sports hall) for every trial to register them and then move to the facility (e.g. astro turf). If the lesson takes place in the morning, children need to bring spare socks/shoes (depending on the sport) to change into. Children will find out by the end of the week if they have been successful.

Sunday (17-09-2017):

Y3-6 Girls football 6.45am (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-4 Netball 2.40pm

Y4 Football 2.40pm (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-4 Swimming 2.40pm

Monday (18-09-2017):

Y5-6 Football 6.45am (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-6 Gymnastics 6.45am

Year 3-4 Basketball 2.40pm

Wednesday (20-09-2017):

Y2-3 Football 2.40pm (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y5-6 Basketball 2.40pm

Y5-6 Netball 2.40pm

Y2 Sychronised Swimming 2.40pm


Steve Simmonds

Director of Sport

Head of House

Twitter: #VHPSDubai



Smart Canteen

VHPS is pleased to welcome our new school canteen providers . Have a look at the menus and the ordering process. Starting Sunday, you can order packed snacks and lunches through the canteen supervisor.

All menu forms are available at the reception.



From Sunday 10 th September

Children from Years 3-6 will assemble on the main yard in the morning with their class . Please note, that the use of the climbing frame is not allowed before school .
Years 1 and 2 will go straight to class . We would like to encourage them to do so independently as soon as possible.
Thank you

Drop off timings

Dear Parents,

Please note there is no parking outside VHPS in the mornings during drop off. We advise parents to drop children off at these gates, where children will be assisted by VHPS staff;

FS1 – Gate 6 @ 7.45am – 8.05am

FS2 – Gate 1 or 2 @ 7.45am – 8.05am

Y1-6 Gate 1,2,3 or 4 @ 7.30am – 7.50am

We are aware the first few weeks will be quite busy, we will take this into consideration.

Thank you

The VHPS Team



Children who have purchased Chromebooks through BRAMS will receive their device tomorrow (Thursday 7th September).

The device will be sent home with your child boxed (and unopened) for you to inspect.

Please bring the device back to school on Sunday, where our IT Support technicians will enroll it on to our system.

Library Details

Dear Parents

The Library will open for this academic year on Sunday 10th September. From this date, your child will begin to bring home a library book each week which he/she will choose during their library lesson. Your child’s class teacher will let you know which day of the week this is. Children in FS1 will borrow books after half term, once they have settled in. KS2 children can borrow up to three books at a time and books can be exchanged as often as they wish.

Please ensure that library books are returned every week so that they can be exchanged for a new one. Please do not put school books into bags with water bottles as this can damage the books, which will need to be paid for by the family of the child. If a book is lost, please email me (kbutcher@vhprimary.com) or let the class teacher/assistant know.

Parents are welcome to come to the library to change books between 2.30 and 3.00 pm Sunday to Thursday. However, parents should not enter the library whilst lessons are taking place.

I look forward to welcoming your child and a great year of reading.

Kind regards

Kerry Butcher (Librarian)


KHDA Contract Reminder

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that your child/s KHDA Contract has been published already and ready to be signed. If you faced any technical issues during the online signing, please visit the admissions office as soon as possible between 7:45am-9:00 am and 12:00 noon-1:00 pm to complete the signing step before the beginning of Term1.





Early Bird, After Care & Homework Club reminder

Dear Parents,

Please be reminded our Early Bird, After Care & Homework Club services will commence from 6th September 2017. If you are interested, please complete the registration form below and return it to the main reception or send a copy to activities@vhprimary.com. Places are given on a first come first serve basis and are only confirmed upon payment.

Early Bird Club 2017-18 registration form

FS After Care Club 2017-18 registration form

Homework club 2017-18 registration form

Kind regards,


VHPS Summer Camp

Dear Parents,

Keep your child active for the remainder of summer at our Elite Multi Sports Camps!!

Elite Multi Sports camps offer your child the opportunity to participate in and learn the key skills in sports such as football, basketball, cricket, dodgeball, hockey and many more! The purpose of the camps is to expose your child to as many different sports as possible, in order for them to develop their technical ability whilst also improving their team play, attitude and even socializing skills. The camps focus on FUN through learning, and promote the need for the children to remain fit and healthy, whilst stimulating their minds, in a controlled, enthusiastic, positive environment, under the tutelage of experienced, qualified coaches.

Amended dates due to the National Holiday:

Sunday 27th August

Monday 28th August

Tuesday 29th August

Wednesday 30th August

Monday 4th September


Full day – AED 200 / Half day – AED 150


Full day: 8.30-3.30

Half day: 8.30-12.00 / 12.00-3.30



Register online now at: www.elitesports.ae

We look forward to seeing you at the camp very soon.

Kind Regards,

Craig Curtis

Term 1 Updates 2017

  • 4th September Uniform Shop opens – Location Gate 4
  • 5th September Orientation Day (New Students) 11am-1pm
  • 6th September First day of Term
  • 6th September FS1 Group A 8am-1pm
  • 7th September FS1 Group B 8am-1pm
  • 10th September Year 1 meet & greet 1.30pm
  • 11th September Year 2 meet & greet 1.30pm
  • 12th September Year 3 meet & greet 1.30pm
  • 13th September FS2 meet & greet 12.15pm
  • 13th September Year 4 meet & greet 1.30pm
  • 14th September FS1 meet & greet 12.15pm
  • 14th September Year 5&6 meet & greet 1.30pm
  • 17th September first day Internal ECA’s
  • 24th September Inset day – day off for students
  • 26th September FS2 phonics and reading workshop for parents
  • 26th September S4K production ‘The Wiseman of OZ’

Academic Report Survey

Dear Parents,

As mentioned in the report letter that accompanied your child’s report today, please find the link below to the online survey.

The collaborative home and school link is vitally important, and whilst the teachers have spent a great deal of time compiling your child’s report, we would welcome your comments and feedback.


Kind regards,



Parent Consultations

Dear Parents,

There will be no internal ECAs next Wednesday due to our parent consultation evenings.

Our P.E department will be available for parent consultations from 3.45pm onwards on Wednesday 3rd October.


The VHPS Team

Beyond Basketball

Dear Parents,

As a special promotion to VHPS Student Community, Beyond Basketball Academy is offering an early bird 20% discount for all students in Term 1 who will register before 7th of October.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and REGISTER NOW!

Kind Regards,

The VHPS Tean

Umm Al Quwain Residential Trip

Dear 5 & 6 Parents,

Hannah from U.A.Q will be coming in on Sunday 1st October at 2 pm to answer any questions you have about the upcoming residential trip. The Presentation will take place in 6 Green.

Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards

The 5 & 6 Team