Upcoming Medical Assessment (Year 2- Year 6 )

The Dubai Health Authority requires all new students (Year 2- Year 6) to have a medical examination in school. This medical will be conducted by Dr Umber (our school doctor) and includes a basic head to toe assessment, and also height and weight measurements. The assessment will start from Tuesday, 26th  September 2017.

You will be informed if your child requires any special medical attention.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards,

Mary Grace

School Nurse

Email: nurse@vhprimary.com

Important : Internal ECA Allocation( Year 1 – Year 6)

Dear Parents,

Please check your email accounts .Within the email,you will find your child’s internal ECA allocation for the term.

In almost all instances, we have been able to allocate your child to one of their preferences.How ever, please be aware that due to the sheer numbers of children that are participating in ECA’S this term, this will not always be their first choice!.( Some of the more popular groups were the 1st preference of over 100 children!).We truly feel that this new randomised system is fairer for all.

Kind Regards ,
The VHPS Team

P.S :- If it looks as though your child has not been allocated a club on a day that you have requested, it is likely to be because they have been accepted on a sports club on the same day. Mr Simmonds will be in touch regarding this.



Invitation : Children’s University Victory Heights Primary School- 30th Sept

Dear Parent,

We would like to cordially invite you to join us in launching our innovative and creative Children’s University Program. Please see attached invitation.

Date & Time:  Saturday 30th September at 10 am

We will have Mr. Abdullah Al Qassab, an Emirati entrepreneur and public speaker launch the event. The event will run for approximately one hour.


Thank You.


Medical : Information about Influenza( Flu)

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you that we are currently having a number of cases of Influenza (flu). In order to assist with the prevention of the bug spreading, please read the below information carefully, and keep an eye on your child for any of the signs and symptoms of infection.

Influenza (flu) is a viral infection. Children may not show any symptoms when they are first infected, but then in the subsequent 1-4 days they may quickly experience:

  • Fever and chills;
  •             Headache and muscle aches;
  •             Feeling tired and weak;
  • Cough (a dry cough may linger for up to 10 days);
  •             Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose;
  •             Sore throat;
  •             A tummy ache, nausea and vomiting (not always, but sometimes).

It’s a bit like a very bad cold, but a cold doesn’t give you aches and pains. These viruses are highly contagious and spread very easily from one person to another. If you or your child have such symptoms, consult your doctor, should stay at home while you’re sick, cover your face when you sneeze or cough, and regularly wash your hands. If you are around someone with influenza, you can help to avoid getting sick by regularly wiping surfaces they touch (use a cleaning cloth with detergent) and washing your hands. Those infected should ensure that they keep on taking enough fluids.

As a preventative measure, it may also help to get a yearly vaccination against influenza.

We hope that you find this information useful.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Umber Shafique

Sports Squads

Dear Parents

Please see below for the trials taking place next week. The coaches will meet the children in the MPH (large sports hall) for every trial to register them and then move to the facility (e.g. astro turf). If the lesson takes place in the morning, children need to bring spare socks/shoes (depending on the sport) to change into. Children will find out by the end of the week if they have been successful.

Sunday (17-09-2017):

Y3-6 Girls football 6.45am (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-4 Netball 2.40pm

Y4 Football 2.40pm (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-4 Swimming 2.40pm

Monday (18-09-2017):

Y5-6 Football 6.45am (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y3-6 Gymnastics 6.45am

Year 3-4 Basketball 2.40pm

Wednesday (20-09-2017):

Y2-3 Football 2.40pm (must wear shinpads and long socks)

Y5-6 Basketball 2.40pm

Y5-6 Netball 2.40pm

Y2 Sychronised Swimming 2.40pm


Steve Simmonds

Director of Sport

Head of House

Twitter: #VHPSDubai



Smart Canteen

VHPS is pleased to welcome our new school canteen providers . Have a look at the menus and the ordering process. Starting Sunday, you can order packed snacks and lunches through the canteen supervisor.

All menu forms are available at the reception.



From Sunday 10 th September

Children from Years 3-6 will assemble on the main yard in the morning with their class . Please note, that the use of the climbing frame is not allowed before school .
Years 1 and 2 will go straight to class . We would like to encourage them to do so independently as soon as possible.
Thank you