Hockey DXB



At Hockey DXB we’re diversifying the sport currently on offer in Dubai, supplying first class coaching and fun-fast-paced structured games.


Hockey is an Olympic sport played all over the world and great for all ages and abilities.


England Hockey Board Qualified coaches and ex-international players deliver the sessions transferring their high content knowledge to the students. Ability and age specific training sessions means your child can get the most out of every session.


Our sessions offer progressive development of the core skills that are required to play small sided games allowing for more touches on the ball and faster skill acquisition as well as personal and social development.


 By the end of this coaching block each student will have the skill level and sporting knowledge to play fun, fast paced structured game play.


Included in the program is an end of term tournament which is a great way to showcase their skills and play some competitive sport.


Upon each sign up the player is given full playing kit and a IN2Hockey Passport giving a fantastic introduction to the game.


Elite Winter Break Sports Camp

Dear Parents,

Keep your child active this half term at our Elite Multi Sports Camps!! 

Elite Multi Sports camps offer your child the opportunity to participate in and learn the key skills in sports such as football, basketball, cricket, dodgeball, hockey and many more! The purpose of the camps is to expose your child to as many different sports as possible, in order for them to develop their technical ability whilst also improving their team play, attitude and even socializing skills. The camps focus on FUN through learning, and promote the need for the children to remain fit and healthy, whilst stimulating their minds, in a controlled, enthusiastic, positive environment, under the tutelage of experienced, qualified coaches.


  • Horizon International School (Umm Al Sheif)
  • Horizon English School (Safa)
  • Ranches Primary School (Arabian Ranches 2)
  • Victory Heights Primary School (Sports City)
  • Regent International School (The Greens)
  • Sunmarke School (Jumeriah Village Triangle)


  • Week 1: 17th-21st December
  • Week 2: 26th-28th December (Horizon International and Ranches Primary School Only)
  • Week 3: 2nd-4th January


  • Full week: Week 1 AED 800
  • Full week: Week 2 or 3 AED 480
  • Full day – AED 200
  • Half day – AED 150
  • Sibling discounts available


  • Full day: 8.30-3.30
  • Half day: 8.30-12.00 / 12.00-3.30


  • 4-14

Register online now at:

No Internal ECAs This Week – Please Open For Last Squad Dates

Internal ECAs & Squads will finish this week.

 However, swim squad will finish Sunday 10th as we have a gala on the 12th.

In the last week we will hold rugby trials:
Sunday 10th 6.45am U11 mixed touch rugby (y4-6).
Sunday 10th 2.40pm y4 boys contact rugby.
Monday 11th 6.45am y5 boys contact rugby.
Wednesday 13th 2.40pm y3 mixed tag rugby.
Basketball and netball squads stay the same.

Y6 Residential Trip

Y6 Residential Trip letter_

Residential Trips Schools Waiver Booking Form Packing List

We are very excited to announce that our children in Years 6 will have the opportunity to go on a residential trip in February 2018

The Year 6 trip will be leaving on Sunday 25th February 2018, returning on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

For Year 6, the total cost of the trip will be AED 2,000. A non-refundable deposit of AED 600 is required to be paid no later than Thursday 14th December 2017 and the remainder of the payment (AED 1,400) should be paid no later than Thursday 15th February 2018.

The above costs include transport to and from school, and all food whilst being on the school trip.

Kind regards,


VHPS Admissions are Open for 2018-19 Academic Year

We are pleased to announce that our admissions are open for the 2018-19 academic year .

To begin the admission’s process, please do visit our website here to fill in the application form. We will then be in contact shortly after regarding the next stages, and to invite you for an observation at VH

We are looking forward to meeting all of the younger siblings and welcoming them into the VHPS family.

If you would like any more information or if you have any questions regarding the admissions process please don’t hesitate to contact me at;

VHPS Admissions Team


Absence Procedure

Dear Parents

If we haven’t been notified of your child’s absence from school, we need to phone home to confirm. Please help us alleviate the pressure on reception by informing reception via the mobile app.

Please click on the ‘Report Absence’ link found on the homepage.

Thank you

Internal ECA Club Locations

Dear Parents,

Due to the overcrowding that is taking place after internal ECA clubs, collection at 3.30pm on Sunday and Wednesday will now be directly from the location of the club.

As always, the children’s safety is our number one priority, and this change will help to ensure that all children are always safe and accounted for.

Attached is a list of each of the internal ECA club locations for Sunday and Wednesday. Please note that, for the purposes of consistency over the week, Homework Club collection will still always be from the courtyard.

Parent ECA Pick-Up Locations

Kind Regards,

The VHPS Team

Changes to Reading

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that we will be changing the way that we assign children their reading books. Children will now be allocated reading books by a ‘stage’, and not a colour.

We have chosen to do this in an effort to simplify the process and also prevent trickier books being mixed in with those that are easier to decode.

As you can see in the chart below, an estimation is given of the stage your child may be allocated, in relation to the book colour they already read. However, the teacher will use their professional judgement to allocate your child’s books, as some colours are in a range of stages.

The stage is easy to find on the back of the Oxford Reading Tree books and the stages also corresponds with our other Big Cat and Firefly books.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Miss Beth, who is our Reading Coordinator, at: