Internal ECA Club Locations

Dear Parents,

Due to the overcrowding that is taking place after internal ECA clubs, collection at 3.30pm on Sunday and Wednesday will now be directly from the location of the club.

As always, the children’s safety is our number one priority, and this change will help to ensure that all children are always safe and accounted for.

Attached is a list of each of the internal ECA club locations for Sunday and Wednesday. Please note that, for the purposes of consistency over the week, Homework Club collection will still always be from the courtyard.

Parent ECA Pick-Up Locations

Kind Regards,

The VHPS Team

ECA Attendance

Dear Parents,

Please ensure that if your child is unable to attend their ECA, you inform the school by 11am on the day of the club at the latestThe easiest way to do this is to send an email to your child’s class teacher and, so that there is adequate time to inform the club leaders.

On Wednesday we had no fewer than 20 children who did not attend their selected ECA – many were collected beforehand by their parents with little or no notice to the school. This not only creates a significant health and safety risk, but it pulls support staff away from clubs in order to clarify absences. This impacts on the quality of the clubs that we can offer.

If your child is no longer able to attend their allocated ECA, please do let us know.

Kind Regards

The VHPS team