The Week 

This week FS2 continued on their journey around the world. Next week the children will be ​meeting their new teacher on Monday12th June our Transition day. The children need to bring in a pebble and AED 5 that would be going toward our wellness garden for next year. Its a non-uniform day for all the children. All FS2 children can bring in a party themed lunch box on 15th June Thursday. Have a great weekend.

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Teaching Staff

Snehal Shetty * sshetty@vhprimary.com
Selina Fettell * sfettell@vhprimary.com
Megan Britton mbritton@vhprimary.com
Yasmin Wilkinson ywilkinson@vhprimary.com
Ayesha Chawdary aimran@vhprimary.com
Laura Mitchell lmitchell@vhprimary.com
Emma Ingman eingman@vhprimary.com

* Joint Head of Year