Library Details

Dear Parents

The Library will open for this academic year on Sunday 10th September. From this date, your child will begin to bring home a library book each week which he/she will choose during their library lesson. Your child’s class teacher will let you know which day of the week this is. Children in FS1 will borrow books after half term, once they have settled in. KS2 children can borrow up to three books at a time and books can be exchanged as often as they wish.

Please ensure that library books are returned every week so that they can be exchanged for a new one. Please do not put school books into bags with water bottles as this can damage the books, which will need to be paid for by the family of the child. If a book is lost, please email me ( or let the class teacher/assistant know.

Parents are welcome to come to the library to change books between 2.30 and 3.00 pm Sunday to Thursday. However, parents should not enter the library whilst lessons are taking place.

I look forward to welcoming your child and a great year of reading.

Kind regards

Kerry Butcher (Librarian)