Announcement: New FS1 Facilities

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that Victory Heights Primary School will be expanding its facilities for the new academic year. As well as Phase 2, which is almost due for completion and consists of the new block for all our specialist facilities, such as the Multi-Purpose Hall, Science Lab, ICT Lab, Library and additional classrooms, plus the main Reception and Admin offices, the school will take over the current premises of The Wonder Years Nursery on the adjacent plot (WYN1). All the children currently at WYN1 will transfer across to the new nursery premises which opened last November (WYN2).

From September 2015, the WYN1 premises will be integrated into the school and will become a dedicated Foundation Stage 1 unit with its own playground, indoor and outdoor play areas and other facilities. These premises will be renovated over the summer to create 5 large, bright, new classrooms for all our Foundation Stage 1 children with direct access to VHPS’s specialist facilities and teachers for PE, Swimming, Music and Library. The curriculum content, resources and staffing will all remain the same and our current FS1 team, led by Julie Karle, our FS1 Year Leader will all move across next door.

Overall, the space for FS1 will be significantly enhanced and improved whilst Foundation Stage 2 will also benefit from better utilisation of the existing space and VH Primary will be able to meet a significant parental need for additional FS2 places. We have had a strong demand for FS2 places, particularly for siblings, which we were largely unable to meet last year as we had no additional FS2 places. We will now be in a much better position to serve the needs of our parent community and expand our current FS2 unit.

New pick-up and drop-off procedures for the whole school will be communicated in August. If you have any questions, please email The school will publish a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers communication to all parents by 31st May 2015.

We are very excited about the expansion plans and our new block and additional premises and look forward to welcoming all our children to their new school setting and facilities in September

Maths Workshops

On Monday 25th May, Miss Ashley will be holding a series of mental maths strategy workshops, showing how teachers use these in the classroom, and how you can use these to support your children’s learning at home.

All parents are invited, please confirm your attendance below.

The New Building – Updated 5.5.15

Our phase 2 construction is nearing its completion date! Staff have now been able to visit the new classrooms, STEM laboratory, ICT suite, gymnasium and admin/reception areas. Everyone has been taken aback by the size of the new development and we are very excited to move in.

We are sure the children will love the new spaces, especially the 400sq. metre gymnasium!

Take a look at some of the artist impressions that show some of the areas of the new building.

gym2 reception receptionlobby


Emaan is ‘Happy’

“Hello, I am Emaan. I am 8 years old. I love music, I love to sing. I have been singing since I was 2. Music makes me feel amazing. I just love it. Music is my life. My favourite song to sing is ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande. When I am older I want to be famous but I need to focus on vocal skills. I would love to be a singer and actor and famous. If you want to listen to me sing, please go to the VHPS website.”
Emaan Malik Year 4 Green


Term 3 ECA List confirmed

The full list of confirmed Extra Curricular Activities for Term 3 (April 2015) is now available on the school website. These include both the free ECAs offered by Victory Heights Primary School and the additional activities offered by our partners Elite FC, School of Little Voice, Kids TheatreWorks! and Turning Pointe.

All VHPS activities will be available via online sign-up, from Sunday 12th April.

External providers will be holding a sign-up event on Monday 13th April and Tuesday 14th April. This will be at 7.30-8.00am in the school gym.

Please click here to view the list.

Amelies Chocolate

For their homework this week, Year 4 were asked to design a chocolate bar wrapper. Amelie, in Year 4 Red, went above and beyond the call of duty and decided to design not only the wrapper, but also the chocolate that went inside.

Here she is showing Miss Sasha her efforts. Well done Amelie!