Year 2

Update – What we did this week ; November 16th 2017
Year 2 have been thoroughly enjoying their learning this week. We are having a big school-wide push at the moment on learning our times tables, and we have introduced a short weekly mental maths test every Wednesday to reflect this. It has been lovely to see so much progress being made already! The year 2 expectation is that the children know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables, in any order, and the corresponding division facts as well. If they complete these within the year, they can move on to learning their 3 and 4 times tables too!

Just a few reminders for the week ahead. We are noticing that some pencil cases need to be replenished with some key items needed for the school day. Please ensure that your child has a pencil (and a spare!) plus a rubber, ruler and working whiteboard pen in their pencil cases every day. It is not unusual at this point in the term for some of these items to need to be replaced, and your ongoing support with this is greatly appreciated.


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Teaching Staff

Anna Harris *
 Mary McKenna
 Paul Dowlman
 Bethany Middleton
 Nicola Gavagan


* Head of Year


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