Year 4 – 6 Girls’ Football

If your daughter is interested in playing football, Neil Allmark (Nina and Darcy’s Dad) is planning to run football training on the school pitch. To work around the long list of existing ECAs, and to accommodate some of the football squad, sessions will be held on alternate Sunday and Monday evenings, between 6.00pm and 7.00pm.

Ms. Sasha and Mr. Simmonds have kindly agreed to the use of the pitch and the football equipment. The sessions will therefore be free to attend.

The sessions are intended for the older girls but if any Yr 3 children are interested, they’re free to come along.

The heat and humidity will be monitored and – if there is sufficient interest – the sessions may be moved to an indoor pitch, if it’s getting too hot. The cost and location would be discussed with interested parents.

Finally, if there are any other parents that are interested in helping Neil to run the sessions – and maybe add to Neil’s very limited skills – this would be very much appreciated, and could help on the occasional weeks when Neil may have work travel.

Subject to numbers, Neil is planning to hold the first session on Monday 1 May. You can contact Neil with any questions, or to put your daughter’s name on the list.


Mobile: 050 602 9449