Year 4

thisweekwedid Update – What we did this week ; November 23rd 2017

We have had a busy and productive week here in Year 4! The children continued using talk for writing in English to help them learn how to write persuasively. The children innovated a text this week, learning the key features then changing certain parts. Next week they will create a persuasive advert on their own, using all the skills we have taught them over the two weeks.

In Maths we looked at finding fractions of amounts. The children used division and multiplication knowledge to help support them. We have seen a huge improvement in the children’s times table knowledge, so please keep encouraging them to practise on times table rock stars for 5 minutes an evening!
In Science we looked at how objects can change state. We looked at melting, freezing and condensing. We looked at how this happens in our every day lives and also learnt how to use a thermometer to measure the temperature.
Don’t forget National Day celebrations on Sunday and it is only a 4 day week, we have Thursday off for National Day!


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