Children who have purchased Chromebooks through BRAMS will receive their device tomorrow (Thursday 7th September).

The device will be sent home with your child boxed (and unopened) for you to inspect.

Please bring the device back to school on Sunday, where our IT Support technicians will enroll it on to our system.

DSIB Inspection 2016/17

We are now able to share our DSIB inspection report for the academic year 2016-17. We are delighted to announce that VHPS has been upgraded in 10 of the DSIB’s key performance indicators. Amongst these improvements are the children’s progress and attainment in Science, our provision for promoting Inclusion and the children’s attainment in Islamic Studies.

Early results from external assessments carried out this term are demonstrating that 100% of our children are working at or above the UK curriculum standards, with the vast majority of these working significantly above UK standards.

It is testament to our children, staff and wider community that VHPS continues to advance and develop so rapidly. Indeed, the inspectors remarked upon the notable improvements the school had made in the short period since the last inspection, and also the supportive and enthusiastic nature of our parent community. We thank all of you for this.

We are extremely proud of our school, and will continuously strive to improve in order to benefit our amazing children.

Read the full inspection report

Chromebook 1:1 Scheme Update

Dear Parents,

For the upcoming academic year the model that we will be supplying, through BRAMS, our preferred partner is the ACER R11.

This is an 11.6inch Chromebook with touch-screen, and a 360degree hinge to allow it to be used in normal, tablet and tent modes.

The price of this device will be 1500aed, and this will include enrollment onto the school management system as well as Securly internet-filtering software, alongside a suite of apps used in school. Furthermore, these devices have 3 years warranty.

If you do wish to purchase from an alternative vendor, please be aware that you will have to pay a 1 time fee of 150aed to enroll in the Google Management Console and for the Securly web-filtering.

Please can you inform us of your intentions by completing the short form below.

International Benchmark Tests (IBT)

At Victory Heights Primary School, we are incredibly proud of the high standards of academic attainment that our children achieve. Since our inception 3 years ago, our children have consistently performed extremely well against both curriculum and international standards, through a variety of internal and externally-verified measures. This year is no different – here is a snapshot of our children’s current academic performance.

Recent External Assessment – International Benchmark Tests (IBT)

In English, 94% of children are working at or above international standards.

69% are working significantly above international standards.

In Maths, 80% of children are working at or above international standards.

60% are working significantly above international standards.

In Science, 84% of children are working at or above international standards.

61% are working significantly above international standards.

KS2 and Mixed ECA Signup

KS2 Only Clubs

KS2 Public Speaking
KS2 Enterprise club
KS2 Cross-Stitch
U11 Girls Rounders (Years  5/6 only)
KS2 Arabic Art-Deco
KS2 In the News
KS2 DJ Club
KS2 Reading Club
KS2 Art Club
KS2 Science of Cooking
Under 9 Girls Rounders (Years 3/4 Only)

KS1&2 Mixed Clubs

KS1&2 Mental Maths
KS1&2 Gardening
KS1&2 Life Skills
KS1&2 Origami
KS1&2 Lego
KS1&2 Puzzles and Board Games
KS1&2 Islamic Art
KS1&2 Qu’ran
KS1&2 Hadith
KS1&2 Balloon Crafting
KS1&2 Speed Stacking
KS1&2 Yoga