UAE National Day Quiz

To celebrate the 46th anniversary of the union, we are holding a UAE National Day Quiz for all KS1 and KS2 pupils.

To help children prepare for the quiz, our Social Studies coordinator Miss Nicky has prepared some helpful “Knowledge Organisers” containing all of the information that the children may be tested on.

We value your support in helping your child learn these important and significant cultural facts about their adopted homeland.

The quiz will be held on Sunday 26th November. The top placed child in each year group will receive 30 house points, 2nd will receive 20 and 3rd will receive 10.

Every child who gets at least 1 correct answer will receive a participation prize of 5 house points.

Knowledge Organisers

Times Table Rockstars Challenge

We are having a big, school wide push on our times tables! We are currently running a challenge to reward you for practicing your times tables using the fantastic TTRockstars website.

In Years 2, 3 and 4: For every 10 questions answered, you will receive 1 house point.
In Years 5 & 6: For every question answered you will earn 1aed in ‘Classroom Economy’ credit

The rewards are unlimited! Play to earn!

Login: same as school ‘Google’ login Password: dubai123