Absence Procedure

Dear Parents

If we haven’t been notified of your child’s absence from school, we need to phone home to confirm. Please help us alleviate the pressure on reception by informing reception via the mobile app.

Please click on the ‘Report Absence’ link found on the homepage.

Thank you

Victory Heights Great Exhibition

Dear Parents,

On the 1st May 1851, Queen Victoria opened the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, London.  This was an exciting time in British history, a time of innovation, invention and discovery.  If we travel into the not too distant future, our very own United Arab Emirates will be hosting the Expo 2020, reigniting the passion for solving problems faced in a rapidly changing world.

Here at Victory Heights Primary School, we have found inspiration from the pioneers of the past and have looked towards the leaders of the future to design a curriculum that builds the essential skills to search for and solve problems in tomorrow’s world.  This is the aim of our S.T.E.M curriculum.

You are therefore invited to the Multi-purpose Hall on Tuesday 28th November 2017 between 3pm and 4pm to witness a range of engineering projects from Year 2 – Year 6.  This will be our very own Victory Heights Great Exhibition.  We feel that it will be a superb prelude to the UAE’s Expo 2020.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Internal ECA Club Locations

Dear Parents,

Due to the overcrowding that is taking place after internal ECA clubs, collection at 3.30pm on Sunday and Wednesday will now be directly from the location of the club.

As always, the children’s safety is our number one priority, and this change will help to ensure that all children are always safe and accounted for.

Attached is a list of each of the internal ECA club locations for Sunday and Wednesday. Please note that, for the purposes of consistency over the week, Homework Club collection will still always be from the courtyard.

Parent ECA Pick-Up Locations

Kind Regards,

The VHPS Team

Changes to Reading

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that we will be changing the way that we assign children their reading books. Children will now be allocated reading books by a ‘stage’, and not a colour.

We have chosen to do this in an effort to simplify the process and also prevent trickier books being mixed in with those that are easier to decode.

As you can see in the chart below, an estimation is given of the stage your child may be allocated, in relation to the book colour they already read. However, the teacher will use their professional judgement to allocate your child’s books, as some colours are in a range of stages.

The stage is easy to find on the back of the Oxford Reading Tree books and the stages also corresponds with our other Big Cat and Firefly books.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Miss Beth, who is our Reading Coordinator, at: bmiddleton@vhprimary.com