Social Studies

At Victory Heights we aim to help prepare children for living as global citizens in the 21st Century. As part of their education, we are developing a Social Studies curriculum that will help develop their understanding of how the world works and reflect on their own personal role within it. Although the focus will be based from a U.A.E viewpoint, we aim to extend the children’s knowledge by getting them to analyse, evaluate and compare how some of the issues and celebrations are integrated on a worldwide scale. We would like to encourage you to read the material posted in this section of and help to reinforce the children’s subject knowledge by getting them to think critically and discuss the topics covered.

7 Sheikdoms KS1

7 Sheikdoms KS2

Traditional Emirati Foods KS1 BS.pptx

Traditional Emirati Foods KS2 BS.pptx

Calendars and holidays

The Currency of The U.A.E. KS1 WB 18.10.15

The Currency of The U.A.E. KS2 WB 18.10.15

Flag Day

Flag Quiz

Social Studies WB 01.11.15

UAE History Timeline KS1

UAE History Timeline KS2

Our planet – our world

National day


Transport in the UAEKS1

The Mosque – No Mystery

Values to Live by in the UAEKS1

Values to Live by in the UAEKS2

The Natural world-dugongs

Nabati Poetry

Arabic Lit

Social studiesRecap1

Sporting history in the uae

Traditional Sports Salukis

UAE Olympic Sport3



Ramadan competition shared